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Utforska Barcelona tillsammans med en professionell fotograf. Det här är en staden som är vaken dygnet runt och har en puls som bara måste upplevas. ...

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Upplev ett unikt sätt att se Barcelona´s pulserande och mycket vackra gator och torg. Utforska Barcelona på natten med en professionell fotograf strax efter a...

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Köp ett vykort eller följ med oss på denna fotoinspirerande tur genom några av Barcelona´s mest fotograferade platser. Staden bjuder på fantastiska vyer och natur...

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Photo tours in Barcelona, Stockholm and Gothenburg

Photo tours and workshops for beginner to advanced photographers

With our photo tours you discover the city in a whole new way. Join us in Barcelona, Stockholm or Gothenburg. You get an opportunity to develop your photography skills and see the city at the same time. On the tour is always a professional photographer who shows you how to catch the city's beautiful environment. We teach you how to expose, compose and set the camera settings for best results. You get many tips and tricks on photography and at the end of the tour you will learn more about the city while you have postcard-like images to your photo album. City Photo Tour has several tours. There is an exciting nightphotography tour where we capture the evening light and the lighttrails of cars. We also have a daytour where we walk through different areas if the city and catch the pulse of the city. Or follow us on some of the other tours we offer. We promise you a very inspiring tour/ workshop regardless of your choice.


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