FAQ ( Frequently asked questions )

Q:Why choose City Photo Tours?
The goal of City Photo Tours are to make you see the city in a new way, while at the same time getting the opportunity to develop your photography. The "walks" come with an inspiring guide that will tell you anecdotes and stories about the places we are passing. You will of course get tips and tricks on shooting, so you can take your own postcard-like images. Welcome to an inspiring tour.
Q:What is the difference between your photo tours and an ordinary tour where I bring my camera?
We concentrate on getting the best photo angles of every sight and help you to get the best shots. Our tours are made with photographs in mind and finding the best light and viewpoints of the time of the day. This will make a huge difference to your photography results as we take into consideration these points when arranging your tour.
Q:What type of camera gear do I need to bring?
We recomend you to bring a digital SLR or a semi-manual camera but you can have any type camera and lens(es). We are catering for travelers that have an interest in photography and want to improve their skills and travelers who just wants to see the citiy in the best possible way.The city offers great opportunity to take photos and the most used lenses are 24-70 mm but sometimes its good to use a zoom lens up to 200 mm. Whether you have a point and shoot or a great digital SLR you’ll be able to capture many unique images. Recommended Gear: Day tours: Camera ( Digital SLR, Compact camera, Smartphone ) Charged batteries Good walking shoes Night tours: We recommend a Digital SLR ( Compact camera, Smartphone ) Tripod Remote trigger Charged batteries Good walking shoes
Q:How many photographers are allowed on a tour?
The maximum number of photographers is ten. Travel companions, who are not photographers are not counted in to the maximum participants.
Q:Can you review my photos?
Yes, we can review your photos and give you advice on how to improve them or compliment you on good work (assuming they are digital and appropriate time)
Q:How do I book a tour?
Use the calendar and booking system to the right of the tour information. There you can select date, how many participants and make payment.
Q:What type of tours do you offer?
We offer several types of tours like: Daytime tour Night tour Private tour or lesson For the private tours mail us your request and we check for prices and availability
Q:When do we start shooting?
We will start immediately when starting the photo tour. All tours have a great starting point which is good for photography.
Q:How do we meet up with you?
We meet up at a very easy to find location depending on which phototour you have booked. This information you find in the choosen photo tour info box and map section and we will send an e-mail with all the information needed, including the starting point of the tour.
Q:When and how do I pay?
Payments are made by secure connection via the PayPal system. Once you have booked a tour with us, we will send you a tour confirmation to your specified mail adress.
Q:What is your payment policy?
An 25% non-refundable deposit is made at the time of the booking. The rest of the balance which is required before the tour begins is refundable, if cancellation is prior 24 hours before the start time of booked tour.
Q:What transport do we use for the tours?
We walk. Can it be more ECO friendly.
Q:Can I bring a non-photographer partner?
YES, we have participants who just wants to see our way of the cityscape.
Q:Do the photo tours run in bad weather?
Yes, we run all tours in any weather. Just dress according to the weather and you will have a great experience on our tour
Q:Do I have to book my tour in advance?
Yes, all tours require prebooking.