Photography tour Stockholm “Private phototour”

Sweden, Stockholm

Phototour “Private phototour Stockholm”

Private photography tour – Book a private phototour when you visit Stockholm and be inspired by the best offered both photographic and sightseeing. You get your own professional photographer on an inspiring tour of the city. If you like we make portraits of you along the way.

If you are traveling in a group or with your family join us on a private phototour. Our tours are also excellent for those who want to see the some of the most photographed places and views in town. The advantage of a private group is that the tempo is lower and you have more time for questions during the tour.

When you normally plan a visit somewhere you usually want to see the best sights there is. Book with us and we have prepared it for you. Our professional photographer will guide you on a three hours phototour in the city. You will learn everything from composition, exposure, find motives and all kind of camera techniques. You will see beautiful panoramas of the city to narrow alleys of the old town.

We promise that you will see many nice places where you can take picture like you see on postcards. Upon your return, you can compare images and settings you’ve photographed with. This means that you will develop image seeing and skills faster.

We can customize the tour if you have special requests, please contact us and we will make a special trip just for you.

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