Private tour: Hunt for the Northern lights in Kiruna – Abisko

Kiruna - Abisko, Sweden

Private northern lights tours in Kiruna – Abisko

Private group Northern lights tours – Get the best chances to see the beautiful northern lights in Swedish Lapland. Make your own northern lights experience for your family or group in the beautiful landscape of Kiruna towards Abisko national parc. It´s an experience you don´t want to miss!

Together we plan your schedule for your northern lights experience. We pick you up at your hotel and after a short introduction to northern lights and the chase is on for the evening. Our guides have prepared a route for the best chances to see and expericence northern lighs (we use latest aurora forecast and present weather conditions to find the best places). We visit some of the best locations visually like rivers or lakes were magic reflections can be seen and other interesting landscape areas to further improve your northern lights experience. It´s an ever changing game to find northern lights and our main goal is to forecome the locations where the best chances are for the moment to see northern lights in the area.

Are you looking to photograph Northern lights you have come to the right place. We are photographers and we will help you to get some good shots of the northern lights. If you dont bring your own camera gear you can rent it from us (limited availibility and must be prebooked).

During the tour we will offer you warm drinks to enjoy while waiting for the northern lights to appear. You will get to know more about the norhern lights during this evening but also about the local area and surroundings of Kiruna. Come along on this arctic adventure for the hunt of northern lights. It´s an experience you don´t want to miss!

Northern lights also called Aurora borealis is an incredible lightshow in the sky. As this is a phenomenon caused by nature it´s sometimes unpredictable with weather like clouds and of course the strenght of the Northern lights.
We cannot gurantee that the circumstances will be favourable when you visit but we will do everything we can for you to see it.